Ka tangi te pīpīwharauroa, ko te karere a Mahuru

Kōanga is heralded by the blossoming of the kōwhai and the call of the pīpīwharauroa as it returns to our shores. This is traditionally a time of joining together and combining efforts to prepare the maara for planting.  We see this festival as a chance to prepare the fertile ground of our Auckland Māori stories and storytellers, developing potential for our stories to flourish.

This year, our fifth Kōanga Festival celebration, has been reinvented to reflect the needs of the arts and community following COVID-19.  Over the first week of September we invite you experience new performances and new stories read for the first time at Te Pou Theatre, Corban Estate Arts Centre.  

Kōanga Festival 2020: 

MĀTAKITAKI MAI | Performances

WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings

HUIHUI MAI | Māori Performing Arts hui

1 September 2020 | 7pm


by Regan Taylor

Me tiro whakamuri kia anga whakamua. 

We start our festival looking back and celebrating the development of Regan Taylor's witty debut work, MATE, first read at Kōanga 2016 and now an Adam Award 2020 finalist. 

Presented in partnership with Playmarket 


WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings


4 September 2020 | 7.30pm


by Jon Hunter & Justin Rogers

"Kia whakatōmuri te haere whakamua"

Stories past and present weave together inextricably to create a
new reality, unexpected yet unavoidable, unfolding live in the room.


WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings

5 September | 6pm


by Nicola Kawana

Let me tell you a story of my tupuna who was strong, beautiful and brave and deceitful, broken and loathed.  Kūpapa is a reimagining of historical events through the eyes of Lucy Lord aka Takiora.


WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings

2 - 5 September 2020 | 7pm


...and other lost-in-translation stories

Premiere of this cheeky bilingual collection of short works that splashes around in the choppy waters of translation, the impact of our treaty partnership and also - what would it be like if the tables were turned?

BUY TICKETS $15 -  $20 

MĀTAKITAKI MAI | Performances

5 September 2020  | 10am & 12pm


by Tainui Tukiwaho

A magical bilingual te reo Māori theatre adventure for the whole whānau. Nau mai haere mai ki te ao mīharo o Hoiho rāua ko tōnā hoa a Mia.

Presented in partnership with Te Rēhia Theatre Company


MĀTAKITAKI MAI | Performances

5 September 2020 | 7.30pm


by The Inkslingers

Our beloved game has defined generations of men from all over the country. But it also acts as protection from hard truths that affect the whole community. Ruck & Maul, a new work from 6 playwrights that goes up the guts to redefine the game for men of Aotearoa.


WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings

4 September 2020 | 6pm


by Rutene Spooner

“Ka tika a muri, ka tika a mua”

Staunchies is a new character driven sketch comedy with song, celebrating the unsung
heroes of the Kapa Haka world. Our aunties and uncles, our supporters - our
kapa haka ‘pit crew’.


WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings

5 September 2020 | 4pm

LIP SYNC KANIKANI TWERK OFF by Te Huamanuka Luiten-Apirana

After losing their mum, Kahu, Te Rina and Ariana use a compulsory nightly Lip Sync to hold their little whānau together. But when the one year anniversary  their loss approaches, the fun and shimmer of a Lip Sync, Kanikani, Twerk Off might not be good enough glue.


WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings

6 September | 2pm


by Acushla-Tara Kupe

Sisters Maia and Ahorangi are victims of a hit and run, finding themselves stranded. With adrenaline pumping and nowhere to go, they unwillingly start to unpack years of baggage. Maybe their past isn’t quite what they thought it was.


WHAKARONGO MAI | Play Readings

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