Kōanga Festival Kōrerorero #1 | HUIHUI MAI
Sunday 6 September 2020 | 3pm 

After listening to this new play you can join the playwright and other listeners over Zoom on a Sunday afternoon for a kōrerorero.  

by Acushla-Tara Kupe

Kōanga Festival Podcast Available 2 - 6 September 2020

Sisters Maia and Ahorangi are victims of a hit and run, finding themselves stranded. With adrenaline pumping and nowhere to go, they unwillingly start to unpack years of baggage. Maybe their past isn’t quite what they thought it was.

Director: Amber Curreen
Dramaturge: Amber Curreen & Annette Morehu
Cast: Renaye Tamati, Rhema Sutherland, Te Huamanuka Luiten-Apirana, Cian Gardner, Taungaroa Emile & Brady Peeti 

Duration: 50 minutes

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