Whare Whakaari Matihiko

Te Pou Theatre's Digital Theatre





Whare Whakaari Matihiko is our new purpose built digital theatre. This means anyone can experience Māori Theatre live in their own homes from anywhere around the world.


Our focus for this whare is creating a fun, safe and social digital arts experience.

Recommended setup

For the best viewing experience we recommend the following setup:


  • Use a laptop or desktop computer


Our digital theatre uses specific technologies to allow for video chat on your laptop or desktop computer. Our digital theatre is not yet compatible with mobile devices, including iPhones, smartphones, notebooks and iPads.


  • Use Chrome as your browser


For the best viewing experience we recommend using Chrome. You can download Chrome here.


Other browsers that are compatible with our digital theatre include:
– Chrome: 56 onwards
– Firefox: 44 onwards
– Microsoft Edge (Chromium version on Windows 10 only)


  • When joining a digital event, if asked, give access to your camera and microphone


Joining some of our digital theatre experiences may require you to give the browser access to your camera and microphone so that you can socialise through your video feed and speak with other attendees. If asked, give access to your camera and microphone.


  • Arrive early!


So that you get the most out of the immersive chat experience, arrive early and start chatting with other audience members. Who knows, you could meet someone famous?


Our digital foyer experience opens 1 hour before all digital theatre events so come early.


  • Don’t be shy and have fun!


Some of us can be a little shy when meeting new people, but you are likely to be in the company of likeminded people who share a passion for the performing arts, culture and creativity. Who knows, you could make a new friend? You can do it!

For live events the digital foyer experience is open 1 hour before the start of the event. The digital foyer is where you can interact with other audience members through chat and kōrero.


Audience members will arrive to the outside of a digital rendering of the new Te Pou building at Corban Estate Arts centre, after which you will be asked to give permission to turn on your camera and microphone.


Audience members will then be asked to enter some basic info like your name and where you are from, and then you are transitioned into the digital foyer experience. Here you can start to talk to other audience members (like a much cooler zoom) and you can move about the foyer and meet different people.


When you move about the foyer, go to the bar and order yourself a “drink”! Drinks from the menu are fundraising campaigns and any drinks purchased are donor contributions. Also, explore our other rooms like our rehearsal room if you get time.


When the event starts you are transitioned into the digital experience at which point your video and sound is turned off.


Some events will have live chat enabled during the performance so that you can share your applause and give shout outs to your favourite cast and crew.

How do I access the digital theatre?


After you book a ticket to a digital theatre experience you will receive an email with a private token which you click to activate your experience. You will receive a token within 30mins after making your booking. In some cases, you will also receive a reminder email 24 hours and 1 hour before your event.


What if I can’t find my private token?


First check your spam. Sometimes it hides out there, but if your private token email can’t be found or you believe it hasn’t been sent, please let us know.


Do you have closed captions?


Not always, but it is a priority of ours to ensure that all our digital content is accessible by everyone.


To keep up to date with any upcoming digital theatre events with closed captions, make sure you are subscribed to our pānui.


Can I adjust the sound?


Yes. You can adjust the sound in the video control bar.


How do I mute myself?


Hover your pointer over your avatar feed and you’ll see your business card pop up above your avatar. Click the mute button to mute your audio feed.


How do I mute others?


Hover your pointer over someone elses avatar feed and you’ll see their business card pop up above your avatar. Click the mute button to mute their audio feed.


How do I move around?


You can move around the screen by clicking your mouse – your video feed will travel towards where you click.


What if the token or digital platform doesn’t work?


Bummer! How stink would that be. Hopefully it won’t get to that but if all else fails please contact us immediately.


Why don’t I see everyone in the digital experience at once?


Our digital theatre spaces hold up to 8-12 people which is what we think is the sweet spot for being able to see, chat, play and connect with one another. Once a space reaches the maximum number of people then we clone a new, identical space for others to enjoy.


If I have any other questions can someone help me?


Of course! We’re one big whānau so if you get in touch, one of us will be able to help you.


Send us an email: info@tepoutheatre.nz

We can assure you that your digital safety is our top priority. At every live digital event we will have a moderator on hand to observe and monitor for any funny business. But we trust and expect that everyone arrives respectful and considerate of others’ digital-space. 

You can contact us at: info@tepoutheatre.nz